Highlights & Reviews

“I have fantasies about returning to the Mara Serena Safari Lodge with my kids and grandchildren!”
Geneese of Franklin, North Carolina

"It was an educational and inspiring adventure. The beauty of the people, landscapes and animals was intensified by the extraordinary insight of our guide."
Barbara S. Lebin of Geneva, Illinois

"This trip was nearly perfect... I only wish it could have lasted longer! Our guide was first-rate, and members of the group were congenial, interested, curious and fun. I miss Kenya and our group."
Annette Gililland of Seatle, Washington

"I would consider this trip to be the highlight of my traveling life. It was a stunning, unforgettable experience."
Dorothy Kohler of Calverton, New York

"This safari was more than we expected or hoped for in terms of wildlife, accommodations, friendships and exposure to the country and its people."
Doris Speicher of Emerald Isle, North Carolina

“Your safari guides are well informed, humorous, courteous, interested and, whenever we needed an answer, they were willing to research and get back to us. Thank you for a wonderful safari experience. We observed every animal in its environment that we hoped to see. Your guides were A+ in their cultural interpretation and naturalist skills."
Ree Hoffman Edwards of Atlanta, GA