Small Group Travel

International Expeditions' small group tours ensure that you'll enjoy an educational adventure into Earth's great natural and cultural wonders while getting personal attention from our expert guides. More than that, you never feeling like just part of a crowd — all the more reason to enjoy small group travel! Our small group tours delve deep into the cultures, wildlife and landscapes of the places we visit, so that you come away from your small-ship voyage or escorted journey with an appreciation for the grandeur of our world.

Read on for more information on our small-ship cruises and small group tours.

What does small group travel mean for you?

  • The 32-guest M/V Evolution visits islands in the Galapagos (like Genovesa) where larger ships are prohibited.
  • In Kenya, a maximum of 6 guests per vehicle means everyone will have a window seat on game drives.
  • Your Uganda safari travels with no more than 10 guests, and will break into still smaller groups when you go looking for primates. 


Expedition Cruises & Voyages Max # Guests Ship Days
Amazon Cruise
31 Amazon Star
10 & 7
Galapagos Islands Cruise 32 Evolution 10



Land Journeys Max # Guests Days
South America    
Machu Picchu 20 (one guide per 10 guests) 8
Patagonia 16 11
Northern Peru 20 (one guide per 10 guests) 13
Southern Peru 20 13
Ecuador Tour 16 10
Central America    
Costa Rica 16 9
Nicaragua 16 9
Panama 16 9
Kenya & Tanzania 18 (one drive/guide & six guests per vehicle) 15
Uganda 10 15
India 16 18