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If our journeys look familiar, there’s a great reason! International Expeditions’ engaging approach to small-group travel, escorted tours, high-value journeys and longstanding conservation initiatives have been featured in a variety of national publications.

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Cuba: Go Now
1,000 Places to See Before You Die
Cuba is on everyone’s lips these days. Should you go now? My answer is a resounding “yes!” While Cuba may not be for everyone (read on), my April trip with International Expeditions was an experience simply not to be found elsewhere. Just 90 miles from our shores (and a hard-to-believe 45-minute flight from Miami), it offers up an experience that feels light years away. It is a place of romance and intrigue, at once elegant and downtrodden, uplifting and at times heartbreaking. 

Best Cruises: The Americas
Coastal Living
From the sunny Caribbean to Central and South America, these are the year’s best warm weather escapes.
Top 12 Animals to Spot in the Galapagos Islands
Independent Traveler
For travelers who love wildlife, a Galapagos cruise should be at the tippy-top of your bucket list. Not only is this remote chain of Ecuadorean islands home to some of the world's rarest animals -- tropical penguins, anyone? -- but its relative isolation has also engendered a community of creatures who are strikingly unafraid of humans.  
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Bucket-List Item: Ecuador
Cruise the Galapagos

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons
I’m suddenly an unwitting voyeur. Sure, we’d come to the Galapagos to view exotic animals in the wild — I just didn’t expect to see such an intimate act so soon and at such close range.

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Get Off the Beaten Path Without Roughing It. Say Hello to Guyana and Madagascar, my little friends ...
Not too long ago, satisfying your craving for destinations that offered under-the-radar appeal, active excursion options and authentic glimpses at the local culture meant bunk beds, hostels or dragging your tent from place-to-place.
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Cuba: Meet tobacco farmers, botanists and locals on 10-day trip
The Los Angeles Times
The Obama administration eased U.S. travel restrictions to Cuba by announcing last year it would grant licenses to selected travel companies to lead "people-to-people" tours to the Communist-led nation. The action meant Americans, who have been essentially prohibited from visiting the island for the past 50 years, could now travel to the country legally.
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Costa Rica: See motmots, manatees and sloths
Chicago Tribune
There's plenty of wildlife to see in Costa Rica, from brightly colored motmots (jungle birds) parrots, toucans and quetzals to manatees and monkeys. But sloths are the stars of International Expeditions' small-group tour of Costa Rica this summer, which includes a free two-day add-on in the capital San Jose.
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Brazil's Pantanal
International Travel News
"The top number of participants on an International Expeditions tour is 16; we had 13. Our main guide was Fred Tavares, who studied the biology and primates of Brazil and is a great photographer. In three places we also had a local guide..."
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Hoatzins and piranhas and tamarins, oh my
Jewish Advocate
"On our first excursion on the Ucayali River, we spot a pod of pink and gray dolphins - more than I've ever seen before in the wild - frolicking in an oxbow lake..."
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Galapagos Has Color
Boston International Travel Examiner
From the start of our eight-day cruise on International Expeditions’ yacht “MV Evolution,” we were amazed by the variety of strong (and sometimes strange) colors we found on the nine islands we visited.
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The World's Best Villas
Ocean Home Villa
The luxury tour operator International Expeditions offers guests a rare chance to indulge in the glorious natural world of the Galapagos while doing it in utmost luxury and style.

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Mild to Wild: Blurring the Lines Between Fun and Fitness
Celebrated Living
The Amazon is an astonishing place, home to pink dolphins, black caimans, birds, and rain forest so dense you feel the weight.

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Islands Apart
Delta Sky Magazine
There is no other place on Earth like the Galapagos, a living laboratory straddling the equator, where penguins and cacti coexist with giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies, and the spirit of Charles Darwin looms large.


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Along The Amazon
Outdoor Photographer
There he is again! I swung around in the skiff with my D90 mounted with a 70-300mm lens, shooting, zooming and focusing at the same time and coming up with nothing but a shot of churning whitewater...for about the 20th time that afternoon.
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11 Fantastic Family Travel Adventures
ABC News
Amazon Jungle Adventure: The most biologically diverse wildlife on earth is sure to spark children's innate curiosity about the wonders of the natural world. During International Expeditions' 10-day Amazon Voyage aboard a 28-guest riverboat, aspiring naturalists can view more than 100 kinds of birds, pink river dolphins, eight species of monkeys, sloths and endangered giant river otters.
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Leader of the Pachyderm
Hemispheres magazine
No trip to India would be complete without a visit to the Taj Mahal or an elephant ride or a tiger safari or a sampling of the country’s exquisite cuisine.
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Sailing Along the Amazon
National Geographic Traveler’s Intelligent Travel blog
The days were filled spotting wildlife from small skiffs, with the help of superb naturalists from Iquitos who were amazing spotters, and hikes on terra firma and through floodplain forests. View Slideshow >>
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Cruising the Wild Side of Peru
Miami Herald
What's hairy, slightly scary, and has beguiling toes? My husband, David, myself and our 12 fellow passengers found out when a pink-toed tarantula hopped on board our skiff, trying to hitch a ride up the Ucayali River in the northeastern Peruvian Amazon.
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Big Trips for Small Fry
Palm Beach Society
Among the off-beat things to do are piranha fishing, playing soccer with some of the village kids, paddling a dugout canoe, and getting Peruvian music lessons.
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Beyond the Canal
Star Tribune
In Panama, our correspondent swings by the great feat of engineering before heading to his real destination: a coffee farm and the dark jungle.