World Class Guides

International Expeditions is the world leader in nature travel for one reason above all others — we feature only the best travel guides—the superb, English-speaking naturalists and historians who accompany you. While our destinations are remarkable in their own right, they become even more so because of the talented world travel guides who breathe life into the details and encourage you to discover. Not just ordinary “tour leaders,” our travel tour guides are consummate local experts with the uncanny ability to tell you about all the animals, plants, history and culture you encounter along the way. More than that, they are also warm people who want to see that you get the most from your expedition. Because of them, your International Expeditions journey will be interesting, enriching, memorable and great fun.

Below are just a few of our many travel guides and expedition leaders who enrich our expeditions. Find more about each destination’s guides on the expedition Web pages.

world travel guide jorge salas

Jorge Salas

Jorge is a favorite among International Expeditions guests, having led expeditions to the Amazon, Orinoco, Patagonia and Papua New Guinea. Travel to South America with Jorge, who has been leading groups for more than 19 years, and brings with him a contagious enthusiasm. In addition to his interest in natural history, Jorge is an avid photographer, with one of the most complete wildlife (he's photographed more than 1,200 species!) and travel stock portfolios of South America. Jorge is a true "foodie" who has published stories on high-altitude cooking, writes restaurant reviews for the Lima, Peru media, and has even researched the Andean herbs used in pre-Inca cooking.

best travel guide bolivar sanchez

Bolivar Sanchez

A true native Galapagos Naturalist, Bolivar Sanchez is an expert in Earth science. He developed a strong interest in wildlife and the outdoors as a small boy, and has been learning as much as possible ever since. For the past 18 years he has worked as a certified naturalist guide in Galapagos National Park, sharing his knowledge of the flora and fauna with guests of his beautiful homeland. His great personality and wonderful sense of humor make him a joy to travel to South America with. Boli's other interests include swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and hiking.

world travel guide claudio vidal

Claudio Vidal

Claudio Vidal is a native Chilean who is one of the leading field naturalists and ornithologists in South America. Living in Punta Arenas on the Strait of Magellan has helped foster his interest in the pelagic birdlife and marine mammals of Patagonia. A birdwatcher since the age of twelve, Claudio has co-authored many books, including Birds of Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego & Antarctic Peninsula and Torres del Paine - Wildlife & Landscapes. He continues to develop resource books for Chile’s most important natural areas. Claudio has been leading birdwatching and natural history journeys in Chile for years, and has become a favorite of IE guests on our many past Patagonia tours. Travel to South America with Claudio and he will surely educate you in the flora, fauna and culture of Patagonia — with plenty of laughter thrown in for good measure.


world travel guide jonathan sequeira

Jonathan Sequeira

Master Naturalist Jonathan Sequeira has been guiding in Costa Rica for more than a decade. In addition to his education in nature and social sciences, Jonathan received his doctorate for analysis of medicinal plants in the rainforest and volunteered with the National Park Service. Back home with his family on their farm in Sarapiquí, Jonathan has a native tree nursery and breeds poison dart frogs.